A Collection of Video projects I've put together over the past 5 years

Passion: 2017/18 Season's End

Trace closed down his 17/18 season with some sled missions and touring around Nelson BC. The snow quality held up into April and made for some awesome skiing. The season’s end is always bitter sweet, until next year Ullr!

Passion: From the FWT to my backyard

Trace Cooke gave it his all on the Freeride World Tour this year. Laying down some crazy tricks in his runs and risking everything for a top spot, he ended up 18th out of 24 skiers. Sadly Trace will not be on next year’s FWT, but on the upside he’ll have more time to work on projects like “Passion”. From his journey on theFreeride World Tour to his backyard that is Nelson BC and surrounding area, this episode showcases how Trace can put out amazing content while competing on the world stage. Stay tuned for a 3rd episode in the spring!

Passion: Journey back to the FWT

” It’s crazy how something so simple can become the very meaning of your life. I never imagined to be where I am now, preparing for my second season on the Freeride World Tour. After 20 years of skiing, I now understand the vast opportunity that following your passion can offer and most greatly, the joy it brings to life!”

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