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The Beginning

Establishing the roots and drive to make skiing an endless adventure becomes my sole mission!

I was extremely fortunate to have been raised in the historic and cultured town of Nelson BC Canada. At the age of 2, I was introduced to one of Nelson’s crown jewels, the Whitewater Ski Resort, which would soon become my second home. Whitewater was  where I could express my freedom, passion and artistry.  It didn’t take too long to get noticed. By the time I was 7 years old, I was featured in Bill Heath’s film “Sinners”. 

Competition Era

The road to competing on the pro Freeride World Tour (FWT) takes determination beyond definition – especially when you accomplish this goal twice.

Roots have a way of digging in. Like the fact that the best days on skis happen with friends.  Shredding for the love of it!

2009:  First competition – Canadian  Freeride Open Red Mountain
2010:  2nd Canadian Freeride Open and 1st Jr. Big Mountain event Lake Louise
2013: 1st 15-18 yr. Male IFSA North American Overall Title
2014: 1st FWQ tour qualifier events in Verbier, Switzerland and Chamonix, France
2015: 3rd Overall FWQ Americas Region – earned Freeride World Tour (FWT) berth
2016: 15th place FWT final standings
2017: 1st Overall FWQ Americas Region – earned 2nd FWT tour berth
2018: 18th place FWT final standings

Roots Rising

Another adventure awaits!  I am super exited to return to my roots of skiing to work on my own film project. Expanding and re-defining my own “flow state”.

Photos / Videos / Press

Experience, talent, and gear ready!

I want my skiing  to create stoke, inspiration, and passion for all my followers. Drop me a line if you are looking for:

  • A ski model for film or photo shoots
  • A coach for competitions or clinics
  • Someone to review/promote your product
  • A fresh athlete that you would be interested in sponsoring to align with your brand and marketing strategy

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