To me, commitment to skiing means sleeping on couches or in my car because I devote all my money to competition fees; stretching my accommodation budget to ensure I have them covered. My commitment to skiing sometimes means putting my off-season training regimen ahead of my social life. Ultimately, my highest priority is affording my passion which means working tirelessly at multiple jobs in the off season, hosting fundraising events, and working as a coach alongside my competitive training in order to do so. My commitment to the sport encourages me to set the personal goal to always improve, stay positive, and excel in everything I do, each and every day.


It’s not hard to stay dedicated to bluebird powder days with good avalanche conditions. It does take dedication however, to persevere through heinous conditions, gear-hauling in the middle of the night to get the shot, and the intense pressure to perform and maintain the sponsorship that makes or breaks my ability to compete in freeride skiing.


The one thing about living this lifestyle is the extreme limits we push our bodies to. If I get injured in the off-season, I risk not being able to compete or film for skiing; If I get injured in the winter, I risk not being able work during the summer to make enough money to do what I love in the winter. The balance between being risk management and pushing competitive boundaries is difficult to navigate. Accepting that my body will suffer a barrage of injuries in the pursuit of innovation and competitive grown is the biggest sacrifice I make as a skier.


the result of Commitment, Dedication, and Sacrifice

People may think that loving an activity is the same as passion, but really passion is the result of the three factors described above. Without sacrifice, commitment, and dedication, skiing is elevated from a beloved pastime to an insatiable passion. Skiing is my meditation. When I am on my skis, I feel relaxed, at peace, and able to think more clearly than at any other time. After twenty years of loving this sport, I could never have imagined my passion could offer me so much opportunity, the chance to travel and meet so many interesting people, and turn into an action-packed career. My dream has become my reality!

This is my story

about living my dream

When looking back on the question of what you wanted to be when your older, did it ever flash by in your mind that you really didn’t know? Did it make you anxious and a little bit scared? Cause I still really don’t know… But I’ve got to the point where I’m okay with it. Im happy. Happy living every day working hard  for something that I truly love. In my mind, that’s better than working hard searching for something I might not want. I’m pursuing my dream. The dream of being a professional skier.

I’m 21 years old, from Nelson B.C. I’ve grown up skiing and enjoyed Whitewater Ski Resort as my stomping grounds my whole life. I currently ride for Fischer Skis, The North Face, Smith Optics, BCA, Village Ski Hut, Whitewater Ski Resort, and SWIX. The grassroots Canadian Junior Freeride Competitions was where I developed my competitive skills and passion for the sport. During my last season, as a Junior on the IFSA Tour in 2012-13, I won several comps across North America, and earned the overall title for the male 15-18 category.

The following season in 2013-14, I graduated to competing on the Freeride World Qualifier(FWQ) tour. In my first season, I achieved a few big wins in the 2* events in Chamonix France, and Verbier, Switzerland. In addition, I also achieved a 6th place finish in a Telluride, Colorado 4* event.

Last season 2014-15, I gave the FWQ tour another shot travelling around the world fighting for a spot on the FWT. After struggling in Europe with conditions and some hard crashes, I came back to North America with one 4th place finish from Verbier, Switzerland 3*. I then drove down to Crested Butte, Colorado for the 4* event where I took home a 7th place finish – leaving me with only one more 4*event left in Golden B.C. where I needed a 2nd place finish or higher to earn a spot on FWT 2016 tour. After putting down two of the most nerve racking runs of my life, I found myself standing on the podium in 2nd place with my dream that has now become my reality.  The image to the left is my face when I found out I was going to the Freeride World Tour – 2016.

When I am not competing on the Freeride World tour next winter… I will be…

  • Model for film or photo
  • Coaching Big Mountain Freeride
  • Promoting product


Nelson sits on the west arm of the Kootenay Lake, nestled in the rugged Selkirk Mountain of Southeastern British Columbia. A story book charming small town, with stunning geography, friendly people, and plenty of great bars and restaurants. Here you will find a world class recreational play ground. This is my home.

Whitewater Ski Resort

Whitewater ski resort has a well-deserved reputation for epic powder snow falls. “Best Deeps, Best Bowls, Best Glades”.  This is where I ski. A short 20 minutes drive from my home.

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