Thank you Family, Friends, and the Whitewater community

RALPHY SHOTAfter two hard fought seasons on the Freeride World Qualifying tour I had finally completed my dream… Becoming a rider on the Freeride World Tour. However, there still laid one last challenge underneath me I was yet to discover.

At the end of last season I was convinced Qualifying For the Pro Tour meant everything was paid for, and that this season was going to be a breeze financially.

The Freeride World Tour spends millions of dollars making each one of the events go off. They put us riders up in nice accommodation, supply us lift tickets, heli rides, food, you name it. For us riders there is nothing more we could really ask for. The only problem is after the week of the competition is over it is up to us to fend for ourselves for up to two weeks in-between events, which really starts to add up. Not to mention, we need to finance our own air fair which is more difficult this season for us North American riders considering all the events are in Europe aside from then one stop in Alaska.

There was still a lot of work for me to do!

My sponsors Whitewater Ski Resort, 4FRNT Skis, BCA, Smith Optics, North Face, Village Ski Hut and Pacific Insight Electronics helped me out with gear needed and some financial budget, but there was still a large chunk I needed to make up.

That is where I feel like the arts and ski community of Nelson B.C. came into play and had my back! Asking for money is not any easy task. It was unbelievable how generous and kind everyone here has been to me through this roller coaster season start. With the final push of fundraising and crowd funding  I was able to complete my goal. I feel pretty proud to call this town my home!

As I set to leave in the next few weeks I would just like to thank everyone again for all the support. My family and friends, my sponsors, local businesses, Whitewater ski resort, all photographers, filmmakers and artists who donated their work, and the community of Nelson B.C. I couldn’t have made it without you!

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